OPEN HOUSING of Western Mass




        This site is dedicated to describing the vision and work of OPEN HOUSING Development of Western Massachusetts, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting fair housing and housing opportunity in Western Mass.  This work specifically includes discussion of and work to modify, the negative impacts government actions, especially those of SHA and the City of Springfield, have had on implementation of the Fair Housing Act in this region.

        We firmly believe that these government actions are the primary reason Western Mass is one of the “Most segregated regions in the United States”. We also believe that reversing these policies and repairing the damage they have done is the only way we can rebound economically.

Please visit our site often to keep up with the work of the many people working for a better, less segregated metropolitan community.


Welcome to Our Site

      Free and Open Housing access has been Federal law since passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968, but Western Mass is increasingly a sadly racially and economically segregated region. The reactivated OPEN HOUSING will work to make people aware of the laws and facts about fair housing, as well as seek to develop and implement programs to make the area more integrated in the future.

Our View of Fair Housing in Western Mass


Different Responses to the 2011 tornado in different areas is a fair housing concern